Tech Summer Program 2021

21 Ethos Virtual Summer Tech Camp is a fun digital learning experience for students to spark innovative thinking and learn about the world of Technology!

In this program, kids take their passions to a new level by exploring various areas of interest such as robotics, web design, app development, game design and so much more! Students apply creativity, and key STEM skills and nurture a mindset for success.

Applications for 2021 summer program

If you are interested in enrolling in our Tech Summer Program, please apply below. If you have questions please email

Summer Tech Camps

We help prepare learners with critical skills in high-growth areas such as engineering, programming, web & app development, cloud and security services. Students embark on innovation journeys, exploring the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics and augmented reality.

Workshops leverage data-driven market insights and design thinking to help put students in their customers’ shoes, helping them ideate human-centered products, and solutions to pressing community issues.

School Programs

We’re building a local innovation ecosystem to help schools grow, compete, and transform in the digital economy. The pre-existing school models and curriculums are outdated. It’s clear that schools that continuously innovate will succeed in the fast-changing digital economy.

Our unique curriculum and solutions are designed to help schools achieve higher levels of student success through diversification, technological upgrading, and innovation. 

Success Development

In addition to technical skills, we help prepare learners for the real world by teaching them the important qualities that will enable them to successfully interact with people and develop interpersonal relationships.

Our workforce and skills development program teaches leadership, self-awareness, communication skills, and emotional intelligence to better prepare them for short and long term success in their daily interactions.

How can we help you?


  • Explore a variety of STEM/technology and learn how it will impact your future careers

  • Help your kids prepare for their future with the real world skills not taught in school

  • Help children to stay mentally active and feed their curiosity throughout the summer

  • Exposure to new opportunities and learning from experts at top companies

  • A supportive and nurturing learning environment

What Our Virtual Camps Offer

  • Interactive learning

  • Team Building and collaboration – Kids talk with each other and work together on projects

  • Focused Learning – 3 hours/day of live instruction with a professional teacher

  • Weeklong Sessions – 5 consecutive days (Mon-Fri) for accelerated learning

  • High-Quality Instruction

  • Real-Time Instructor Feedback

Who Are Our Instructors?

From award-winning coaches and teachers to passionate subject matter experts, we’ve recruited some of the best and brightest instructors on the planet!